Bookkeeper’s service in Ukraine

The essential part of business management is the bookkeeper’s service. First of all it means payment of taxes and turnover of accounts. Our company provides bookkeeper’s services and  tax support to the companies from absolutely different kinds of business. Our clients — are successful businessmen, who are involved in trade, production, investing and other types of activities.

Our main advantages — are dynamics, flexibility and individual approach to each client. We work qualitatively, fast and regard our work as a hobby!

The supplemental information, necessary for business management on the territory of Ukraine:

The taxes rates

Taxes The object Rates
VAT  ( trading income from 1 million per year) Net profit 20,00%
Profit tax Net profit 18,00%
Dividend tax Dividend 18,00%
Payroll tax Salary 22,00%

* in present moment Ukraine is in the transient stage, tax rates could differ (provided by the Tax Code of Ukraine)

Accounting and the terms of delivery

Taxes Monthly Quarterly
Report on Investments 5 days after the and of the month
SSC(on salary) 20 days after the and of the month
VAT 20 days after the and of the month
Balance and financial reports 25 days after the end of the quarter
Other accounting reports 5 days after the and of the month 25 days after the end of the quarter
Income tax 40 days after the end of the quarter

Taxes Payment

Taxes Terms
VAT During the operation
Income Tax 10 days after commissioning of the report
Dividend Tax During the payment
Payroll Tax During the payment no longer then commissioning of the report

The list of the provided bookkeeper’s services

  • registering for tax
  • preparing and processing of the tax and financial deeds
  • preparing commissioning of tax and financial accounting
  • tax optimization, tax payment
  • another kinds of auditing service

Prices for Bookkeeper’s services

 Package Price
Basic (without activity):- organization of the report

- tax calculation and tax payment

- submission of monthly and quarterly reports

USD 100 in quarter
Active(transaction):- registration of current operations

+ basic rate(tax payment and commissioning of the accounting)

+ USD 100 per each 50 transactions monthly
Additional services- consultations,

- audit

Contractually from USD 20 per hour

Tax planning

«What kind of expenses and taxes could arise while business management on the territory of Ukraine?»

The part of company’s expenses is connected with the specificity of  business management on the territory of Ukraine, including tax expenses, work permit expenses and business licensing expenses. Our layers and bookkeepers will help you to answer this question and also select the most appropriate  tax system and company structure. Also we can offer you services of tax expenses calculation.

Tax planning (services and prices)

 Service Price
Consultation of the taxation on the territory of Ukraine (orally) USD 50 per hour
Calculation of expected tax burden (depends on difficulty) From USD 100 up to USD 300 dollars
Calculation of the optimal taxation system and company’s type of ownership From USD 200 up to USD 500 dollars