Book Consultation

You can select a day and hour which is convenient for you and book a consultation in through one of our available forms:

  • You can use our Online help, book and pay for your consultation through that system
  • You can contact us via Skype
  • You can email us or use contact us form and we’ll contact you as soon as we can

We charge USD 80 for one hour.
You can pay in cash during the meeting or through Online help system or PrivatBank payment system prior to the meeting.

Remote Consultation

If you can’t come to our office on the day of your consultation, our company also offers the possibility to do the consultation by Skype, chat system or phone — payment will be handled using Bank accounts and online banking systems.

In case of a phone consultation (you call us), it is necessary to book a specific day and hour for your consultation, so our experts will be prepared to answer your questions. We might also consider call via Skype, if this will be the most convenient way for you.

In any chosen case,  we suggest you contact us prior to booking a consultation, so our experts will be prepared and will know your situation and have all answers ready for you.

Doing Business in Ukraine always takes care of our clients and satisfies all your needs in record time!