Consulting in Ukraine

Consulting in Ukraine

Knowledge of local market is the backbone of you successful start of business in Ukraine. Doing Business in Ukraine with your local business partner who knows everything about market in Ukraine and what part of industry is worth investing.

We provide a broad scope of various services: opening bank accounts, staff hiring, renting offices, buildings, stores, land. We can set up a limited liability company, branch office, representative office of your foreign company, we will open company in any Ukrainian city where it is possible.

Different kind of consulting services:

  • Strategy – we conduct analysis of regional and global market, investigation of competition, changes in consumption. We calculate effective business model based on evolution of technologies;
  • Marketing — building an efficient marketing plan and program based on the system that tracks market behavior of prospective and current customers;
  • Managing system – first of all it’s a system of forecasting and planning activities, we build a system of document management and information exchange, system of business processes, system that distributes functions, liabilities, powers, we construct optimal functional and structural schemes of business;
  • Recruitment – elaboration and construction of corporate system (personnel incentives, promotion of the significance of collective activities between employees)


Doing business in Ukraine creates and manages different business projects in Ukraine according to the international standards which allow our clients to increase profits and minimize risks.

Information confidentiality is a priority in our work.

We guarantee our clients that all information is secured with us.

Successful project management, independence and self-determination in decision-making process makes our company your first choice when it comes to choosing local business partner in Ukraine!

If you have any concerns, you don’t know where to start and you need some business planning, book consultation with one of our experts using most convenient way for you!