Euromaidan: Ukraine is still battling between European Union and Russia

Deputy of the General Secretary of the EU External Action Policy Helga Schmid urged all political forces of Ukraine to begin a dialogue to achieve a peaceful resolution of the political crisis started one week ago in the country.

On November 21st, 2013 the Ukrainian government has suspended preparations for the signing of an association agreement with the EU. This decision caused protests in the center of Kiev and in other regions of Ukraine, as well as abroad. On Sunday November 24th, protesters in the Ukrainian capital several times stormed government and had skirmishes with police officers. Such actions were called «evromaydanami» (deprived from the name of the main square in Kiev — Independence Square).

Teh clash between protesters and law enforcement officers occurred at a government building in Ukraine and on November 25th, 2013. Law enforcers were pushing protesters away from the roadway. According to police, some aggressive protesters were usuing tear gas.

The Deputy of the General Secretary of the Eu External Action Policy said that a peaceful political solution — is the only way out for Ukraine in the current situation.

«I call on all political forces to begin an immediate dialogue to reach a solution to the current controversy, which will help to eliminate all issues with minumum damages for the country and for the EU,» — said Schmid, speaking Thursday, December 5th, 2013 at the OSCE meeting in Kiev.

«I would request that all participants in this process now should work and do everything possible to reduce the level of stress and, of course, all necessary rights must be respected,» — she said.

Schmid welcomed the statement of the OSCE Chairman Leonid Kozhara, who promised to undertake the necessary investigations in connection with the use of force against peaceful demonstrators in Kiev.