Invest in Ukraine

Doing Business in Ukraine provides support in investment projects and affairs into local business. We will research market for you, calculate possible profitable location of investments and assist with investment implementation on every step of the way.

Investment in Ukraine has many advantages:

  • many sectors of industry need investments
  • Ukraine is one of the largest consumerism zones in Europe
  • well-trained employees
  • Ukraine is full of natural resources
  • Ukraine is considered to be the threshold between Europe and Asia. Good geographic position of Ukraine, which is in the intersection of four European transportation passages
  • Tax situation is getting better
  • Predicted high rise of customers’ goods consumption

Investments in Ukraine can be processed in various areas of industry which require prompt development, so your investments will be profitable– energy, shipbuilding, infrastructure, agriculture, real estate, consumer goods, finance and metallurgy industry.

Ukrainian government supports good environment for investors and guaranties investors’ protection. By Ukrainian law, foreign investors are protected by national regulations and considered to be equal with Ukrainian businessmen. Also there is one more important factor for foreign investors: investments from foreign companies are not recognized as a subject to nationalization.

Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between Nationals and Others was established in 2000 year to improve foreign investors’ protection.

Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada issued and established various agreements to promote and protect investments with more than 70 countries.

Ukrainian government in 2011 implemented new Investment reform, objective if which was  to involve foreign investments into economy of Ukraine. This was made to form positive representation and position of Ukraine on the global market.

You have particular area of industry for investments in mind or you don’t know where to invest your funds? Contact us or book consultation and Doing Business in Ukraine will advise you on what to do next!