Investment climate in Ukraine in III quarter 2013 increased up to 2,37 points

According to EBA (European Business Association), Ukrainian Index of Investment Attractiveness is growing up during second quarter, because of the perspective of signing the association agreement with European Union.

Last poll, conducted in the beginning of October, caught improvement of all basic criteria: the evaluation of current investment climate – from 1,7 till 1,9 points; its dynamics for the last three months – from 2,2 till 2,4 and expectations for next quarter – from 2,4 till 2,7. Subindex expectations of profitability and investment climate in the area of extractive industry got raised up to 2,5 points. Evaluation improvements were caused by the change of state policy towards European integration, and also by enactment of the package of laws that needed for signing the association agreement with European Union.

Positive trends might be continuing till the end of the year, if the association agreement will be signed on 28-29 of November in Vilnius.

“Overall evaluation of investment climate in the country is low than average and for the future growth all that is needed is signing the agreement of association – and than business can expect expect real reforms,” — said Anna Derevyanko, the executive director of EBA.

Investment ratings had been counted starting from the year of 2008, but the highest level was in the first quarter of 2011 – 3,4 points. However, first vice-president of Ukrainian union of industrialists and business owners Sergey Prohorov believes that signing the agreement of association with European Union will lead to “automatic synchronization our legislation with European.”

“This process will let our politicians remove from their agenda many problems connected with business and all investors do understand that,” said Prohorov.