Joint Stock for nonresidents

Registration process of Joint Stock company reminds process of registration LTD, but with one distinctive feature – the final step in Joint Stock company registration is stock emission and distribution between the shareholders.

Price of registration – USD 1000
Period – 30 days (it is possible to register company faster for additional price)

Price includes:

  • preparation of all needed documents
  • Power of Attorney
  • state fees
  • official stamp
  • registration of stock joint company in Tax Register as VAT-payer
  • registration of stock emission and appropriation of stock ID number according to international standards

Price doesn’t include:

  • documents needed for opening bank account
  • tax payer certificate

Minimum amount of Statutory fund is sum of 1250 minimum salaries, taking in account the rate which is current on the moment of company registration.

After company registration you may need:

Order registration of Joint Stock company through Doing Business in Ukraine