Market research

Success of your company is directly proportional to the quality and impartiality of research. The analysis of market can help to point all possible niches for the development of business in any specific segment of market.

You will need objective and full information about the market, understanding of consumer perception of your services in order to make any strategic decisions in business planning that will lead to the highest success. Our company’s experts will assist you with solving all these issues.

Doing Business in Ukraine will plan and put into action research of the Ukrainian market and create individual strategy that will suit your business needs in the following areas:

  • Analysis of the market – including all elements of structure of the market, economic trends, supply-demand level, policies of competitors, infrastructure and technology development research, changing in governmental regulations
  • Research of products, services and goods – development of new service concepts, testings of market niches
  • Competition – research of existing and prospective competitors
  • Analysis of investment attractiveness – examination of industry, dynamics of development
  • Doing Business in Ukraine permanently modifies data collection methods, its analysis and processing. Our experts permanently monitor Ukrainian market and update our data.

Our website has a variety of information about doing business, paying taxes, work permits and visas in Ukraine, but you may have some specific question that our website doesn’t cover, so you can book a consultation with one of our prominent advisers.

During the consultation with our experts, we will talk about what you expect to have from starting a company in Ukraine, what exactly you want your company to be. You will get advice on your specific situation and what is better to do in your case. You will get more information from our experts than in a week surfing the Internet! Guaranteed!

The next step after the research of the market is the fact of choosing the structure of your company.  You can proceed in choosing one company structure of the following: