Representative office of foreign company in Ukraine

Have you decided to open the branch office of your company in Ukraine? But you don’t know where to start? Our company is the perfect source of information considering the establishing the branch office of your foreign company in Ukraine. You can find everything you need here or you can get answers to all your questions during the qualified consultation with one of our agents.

First of all you should know what privileges you get, when you open branch office in Ukraine.

Branches of non-resident companies have some advantages compared to Ukrainian companies:

  • no need to obtain work permits for non-residents of Ukraine;
  • salaries to employees, which are non-residents of Ukraine, can be paid in  foreign currency;
  • the expenses of foreign company that were usedfor the maintenance of branch offices are not taxable in most countries;
  • also, it is possible to register a special “non-profit” type of a branch which is tax exempt in Ukraine and may be used for the promotional purposes (at the same time, these “non-profit” branches are unable to perform any commercial activity in Ukraine);


Price of opening branch office of foreign company – USD 1000

Price included:

  • preparation of all needed documentation
  • permit for using official stamp
  • opening official corporate bank accounts
  • registration your branch office in:
  1. Ministry of Economy of Ukraine;
  2. Unified State Register of Legal Entities;
  3. Governmental Social Insurance Fund.

Price not included:

State fee — $2500 (set up by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and can be changed)

We will require list of needed documents that will help us to assist you as soon as possible:

  1. An application requesting the registration of branch office of foreign company. The application must have all of the following:
  •  name of the company; address, phone numbers
  • city, where the future representative office will be situated with exact address (we may provide You an address on the paid basis);
  • amount of foreign residents who will work in the branch office;
  • company’s date of incorporation;
  • name of bank + account number;
  • area of company operation;
  • the purpose of opening the branch office of your foreign company + branch type (for-the-profit or non-profit).
  1. The certificate of incorporation of your company+ notarized copy.
  2. Bank reference, where was opened the official account + account number. The reference should be presented as an original, with bank representative signature, which should be notarized.
  3. The Power of Attorney (original document with notarized signature of director).