Tax optimization advice

Doing Business in Ukraine offers accounting services, help with claiming tax deductions and benefits, we file corporate tax return for non-resident companies and foreign employees.
Without proper and qualified help many companies, contractors and foreign employees can loose or miss their tax benefits or miss the chance to claim tax deduction that foreign companies are able to receive as the non-resident companies.
Working with our company on your tax optimization will really pay you off later, when you won’t need to deal with poor quality accounting from other account firms, missing tax payments or badly filled tax returns.

Qualified tax advisors from Doing Business in Ukraine will save your time and money and keep your head free of any issues and troubles.
Our prominent accountants and advisors will prepare and file all needed tax returns for you:

All you need to do in order to get your taxes filled through Doing Business in Ukraine is

  • contact us with information on what tax return you need;
  • we will contact you back with all required documentation that you need to provide;
  • you will bring or email all documents to us;
  • we process filing of tax returns
  • if you need, we will explain every step and then you will sign that you agree with everything
  • we file your tax return and provide you with copy of all documentation.