Ukraine: Dutch tax service is almost ready to share information with our Ministry of income and fees

September 12, 2013 , representatives of two states — Ukraine and the Netherlands — have signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine , the Tax and Customs Administration of the Netherlands.

This event took place in the two-day business visit Mykola Azarov in the Netherlands .

Now the document will be the ratification procedure before take effect . Previous official document between the two nations was signed in 2011 .

Recall that in early 2013, came into force on a similar agreement signed with the neighboring jurisdiction of the Kingdom of the Netherlands — with the Kingdom of Denmark . Official name: The Memorandum of Understanding between the State Service for Financial Monitoring of Ukraine and the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Kingdom of Denmark and the cooperation in the exchange of financial information relating to the legalization ( laundering ) of proceeds from crime and terrorist financing.

It can be assumed that the agreement between Ukraine and the Netherlands will have a similar name and will allow our tax get answers to her questions from the Netherlands tax .

European powers are increasingly willing to work with the tax authorities of other countries than governments small offshore jurisdiction. So a formal request tax service , aiming to a European country , and can be obtained without a local court , based on the agreement signed between the two countries , the European employee integrity , the public opinion of the European community and the offshore business of the recent official combat offshore .