Ukraine got the prize Open Government Awards 2016

During the summit Open Government Partnership (OGP Global Summit) in Paris Ukrainian electronic system of public procurement ProZorro was recognized the best initiative in the field of public administration. At the same time the system ProZorro was recognized the best e-procurement system in the world. In May 2016 ProZorro received the highest accoladein the field of public procurement – international prize World Procurement Awards.

ProZorro is part of the electronic system which regulates tendering processes in public electronic procurement in Ukraine. Public authorities make an announcement of the tender and its conditions and then electronic trading are conducted. The aim of ProZorro system is to simplify, accelerate and increase transparency of the whole tender process and competitiveness of procurement as well as to control corruption and enhance investment. Public availability, transparency and free access to information regarding all public procurement is one of the indisputable advantages of ProZorro system. Whole tender procedure  together with the completion of trades can not exceed 30 days.

To operate in ProZorro system you should complete the registration process. But sometimes it could be rather difficult to do it successfully, it is important not to be banned, to be equal part of a tender process. So you should know many details concerning this sphere of legislation. Our lawyers can advice you concerning all details of public procurement in Ukraine and assist with registration in ProZorro system and further operation.